About Sensodyne

Who We Are

We are a dentist recommended brand for sensitive teeth, trusted by millions of people. Why? The answer is simply because our range of Sensodyne toothpastes protects from the short, sharp sensation of sensitive teeth with twice daily brushing.

Our Vision

"We're dedicated to creating a future where every life is sensitivity-free"

Our History



Sensodyne Original, the first desensitizing toothpaste containing strontium chloride, launches in the US and UK. Strontium Chloride helps to block the dentine tubules.



Sensodyne F, the first toothpaste containing potassium nitrate (which helps to soothe the nerves inside the teeth), is lauched. It provides sensitivity protection when used twice a day.



Rapid Protection, Sensodyne Rapid Protection provides sensitivity protection.



Sensodyne Repair and Protect, containing 5% NovaMin and fluoride, is lauched. It helps protect sensitive areas of the teeth with twice daily brushing. 



Sensodyne Whitening, provides sensitivity protection and helps restore natural whiteness of your teeth

Our Science

As leaders in the field of tooth sensitivity, we're committed to working together with academic institutions and laboratories. These relationships allow us to develop our knowledge and understanding of tooth sensitivity and its impact on people's lives. By putting science at the heart of what we do, we'll continue to apply the latest scientific innovations and help more people get sensitivity protection.

Our Science

Technologies for Sensitivity Protection 

Our scientists have identified and formulated a number of specific technologies for inclusion in the Sensodyne range - for example - potassium nitrate and NovaMin™  - to help with sensitivity protection. These technologies work to either soothe the nerves inside sensitive teeth, or to shield and protect the exposed dentine.

Potassium Nitrate

Find out how potassium nitrate helps to soothe the nerves inside sensitive teeth.


Find out how NovaMin™ creates a reparative layer over and within exposed dentine tubules using the building blocks of teeth.