What is in Sensodyne?

All Sensodyne products contain fluoride, which helps fight against cavities, so you can maintain healthy teeth every day.

Helps soothe short, sharp sensations

Sensodyne toothpastes with potassium nitrate helps soothe the nerves inside your teeth so triggers from ice cold drinks, or a burst of air, do not cause a twinge.

Sensodyne Deep Clean

All teeth are deep cleaned, and protected from sensitivity.

Sensodyne Whitening

Soothes the nerves inside your teeth.

Helps Build a Protective Layer

Sensodyne toothpastes with strontium acetate work like a shield to protect the exposed inner part of the tooth called dentine. This shield helps prevent triggers, like a food and drink that's cold, hot, sweet or sour, from causing discomfort.

Sensodyne Rapid Relief

Helps beat sensitivity fast.


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